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How to level up your Creativity in three steps

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level up your Creativity

How to level up your Creativity in three steps

My son has a bucket of large legos. When I first gave them to him he gently took them out one at a time and rolled the car I built up for him. The next time I dumped them all out and he explored the houses I was building for him by knocking them over which he really enjoyed. Currently, every time we give him the bucket he dumps them out all at once and brings them to different areas of the house causing a mess. He puts them on the couch, in his sister’s swing, on the porch, and on the window sills.

The reason I bring this story up is that the last encounter was different. He dumped the legos out, flipped the bucket over, and carefully stood on the bucket. His balance and lack of fear were impressive especially because he was in socks.

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka! ‘ but ‘That’s funny…’” “That’s funny…” is the sound of something catching in your brain

Isaac Asimov

Level Up Your Creativity With These Three Tips

Stepping up your creativity tip #1 – Hang around with some kids and embrace that spirit of curiosity.

Real-World Applications:

  • Try creating a social post by flipping the idea on its head
  • Think about other uses for a product or software
  • Ask why is it like this and not that

Stepping up your creativity tip #2 – Drop the familiar and conventional.

Nobody will talk or share the familiar and conventional. It’s never easy coming up with new ideas so it will require doing the work if you are to gain notoriety. Just jump right in and start experimenting and creating.

Fear No Judgement When Publishing Something True To Your Heart. Expression Can Be A Risk. Failure Is Always Possible and Most Likely Going To Happen But The Pay Off Will Be Worth It.  

Real-World Applications:

  • Create a list of what’s been done and figure out what’s not been done
  • Post a couple of new ideas on social media and see the engagement they get (label them as new ideas to see what people think)

Stepping up your creativity tip #3 – Embrace the lottery to level up your Creativity

Embrace the fact that being creative and not familiar requires a bit of luck. The only way to win at being creative is to play the game. Don’t let failures or negativity stop you from developing. Use what you learn from your audience and use it against them in the revisions.

Not finding inspiration with these 3 tips? Here are 32 ideas from INC.

When Exploring These Three Steps Of Creativity Try Not To Take Yourself To Serious. The Idea's You Discover And Relevance They Have With Your Audience Will Determine When It's Time To Get Serious. If That Makes Any Sense... At least I Hope It Inspires You To Create Without Fear Of Judgment From Others. 

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