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10 Creative Insights From The VP Of Liquid Death

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10 Creative Insights From Liquid Death

10 Creative Insights From The VP Of Liquid Death

As I tuned in to an engaging conversation between Andy Pearson and Jaime Cabrera on the Confessions Of A Creative Director Podcast , I couldn’t help but distill their valuable thoughts into 10 creative insights that encapsulate the essence of creativity from Liquid Death in the modern landscape.

1.) Starting With A Vision

“The brand has to be built into the organization from the very ground up. Everyone has to be committed to the vision.”

Lay the groundwork for success by fostering commitment from every team member. It’s not just about funny videos; it’s about a shared vision.

2.) The Brand Is The Idea

“There aren’t Liquid Death ideas. Liquid Death is the idea.”

Connect strategy, creativity, and authenticity. In this perspective, the brand becomes more than a transactional entity; it becomes a relationship.

3.) Brands Are Not Robots

“We are real people making the brand. That’s what makes it feel organic and human.”

Ditch robotic brand guidelines. Infuse authenticity and humanity into your brand. Real people create real connections.

4.) Back Your Own Creative Insights; Let Them Fly

“We should give ourselves creative freedom to make decisions and not have to justify it all the way up the chain of command.”

Grant yourself the liberty to be creative. Break free from the constraints of justification. Embrace creative freedom to let ideas flourish.

5.) Be A Storyteller

“Our brand needs to fit within the world of Instagram and TikTok. So, we have started thinking less of Liquid Death the brand and more of Liquid Death the character. And we write for the character.”

Immerse your brand in the social media narrative. Liquid Death isn’t just a brand; it’s a character in the digital story. Think beyond rigid rules and connect with real people through relatable content.

6.) Pick A Real Emotion

“There’s a difference between ad funny and real funny. Our goal is to make something that’s flat-out funny.”

Look beyond the facade of ads. Dive into the realm of genuine. Break the mold of the cliché ads and aim for something that resonates, transcending the labels.

7.) Compete For The Attention Of Everyone

“Our competition is not other brands in the category. It’s other things that you see in your social feed. That’s our competition.”

Break free from the conventional view of competition. In the digital realm, our rivals are not just other brands; they’re the captivating content that fills your social media. It’s a paradigm shift that sparks creativity.

8.) Stop Thinking

“We put out so much work continuously, which is how we learn. We are all overthinking it.”

Break free from overthinking. Learn by doing. Continuous creation is the key to growth. Unclench the reins and embrace the process of discovery.

9.) Don’t Fear Judgment

“Be fearless, not reckless.”

Courage is the essence of creativity. Be bold, take risks, but do so with purpose. Fearlessness is the path to innovation. Embrace one of Rick Rubin’s mantras about letting the best idea win.

10.) Stop Winking At Liquid Death Pitches

“Don’t do the this is a bad idea wink”

Risks are often tempered with caution; this insight encourages us to break free from the shackles of doubt. It’s a reminder not to dismiss creative ideas prematurely with a skeptical wink.

Let these quotes from Andy Person guide you with punchy wisdom. Think of your brand as the self—simple, authentic, and ready to conquer the playground of creativity.

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