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“Records & Velvet Curtains” – Playlist #2

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"Records & Velvet Curtains" - Playlist #2

“Records & Velvet Curtains” – Playlist #2

The Creativity Combustion playlists fuel my creativity. I collect them too, from work, in the listening room, and occasionally at the office. Records & Velvet Curtains is a vibe these jams give my soul.

This playlist brought me to a dark basement room similar to my listening room, but in my vision, there was a window with purple velvet curtains. Smoke was in the air like a heavy fog hanging on a mountain early in the morning in the fall.

When the needle drops on the record, the space fills with a Portland, Maine, 1 a.m. rock show adventure. Two songs on the playlist are out of fit for the vibe. I’m not sure how or why they got there, but this is only my second playlist, so I can be better focused next time. Sorry, Elvis.

Until next time, butterflies. Fly back into the fog.

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