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Rebels For The Win. Or Jail?

For the love of creativity, blogging is pretty fun. Or is it? Always in the pursuit of better standardization to creativity, I have discovered that my writing voice was a bit off-brand to my normally dry and somewhat sarcastic and day to day. Having this new hobby worked into my routine has not come easy so it was discouraging. But why is blogging such a longer process than say creating social media posts for the week or even making a Youtube video? How can I rebel against the normal?

The problem was that I was over thinking and not writing more freely. Not enjoying the process usually means a person will fall away from the activity or just be miserable. This realization came after a bit of research and I discovered the problem was my writing voice as described in, “Finding Your Writing Voice” by Ryan Justin.


Just be warned I will be trying to have a bit more fun writing posts. That means taking Ryan’s advise and embracing flaws. It might mean I will ramble on about a topic or try some form of weird expression in an experimental post using only 20 words over and over again. The most fun I had was telling my personal story “Always In Trouble” and I wish to get back into that flow.

Rebel Pirates

I have always been a rebel. Being rebellious is freeing and satisfying. It creates friction and change in the world. Below are a couple of figures that influenced me to stay true to my personality. These human stories make you stay true to being unique because it pays off in the long run.

Joan Jett— “I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation” That says it all. Joan Jett was also told by her guitar teacher that girls don’t play rock-n-roll. Nothing in this world is more energizing for a rebel than a professional figure telling you that you can’t do something.

There are going to be haters so prove them wrong and believe in the current fantasy until it’s reality.

Gary Vaynerchuk — Integrating technology into his parent’s wine business and becoming an early adapter to the concept that social media can drive sales he is still telling people their excesses are bogus. If you can’t hire the employees then do it yourself! Still, to this day he creates posts of himself at the thrift stores buying cheap and flipping for profit just to prove those haters wrong who complain about not having an opportunity.

Stop complaining … Stop making excuses .. Nobody is listening

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Friday, September 30, 2016

Every Professional Videogamer & Coder— It used to be people who loved technology, video games and coding were nerdy outsiders. Now they command respect with successful companies and streaming services like Twitch TV. From late nights of brain-rotting computer coding to similar late nights of the same but with large bank accounts. Countercultures usually become the popular culture so keep riding the wave to a career you will enjoy.


David Lynch — Even though he went to a traditional film school the work created was innovative and of a different realm. His ideas and concepts very much changed peoples opinion on how art films work from Eraserhead to the on cable television show Twin Peaks. I had the pleasure of seeing his first major museum exhibition in the United States called, “The Unified Field”. This featured paintings and drawings but his creativity crossed many fields even into music like this strange composition and video displayed below called, Crazy Clown Time”.

A couple rebel runner-ups that came to mind: Ozzy Osbourne, Charlie Chaplin, Donald Trump, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mac Miller, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Arsenio Hall, NWA, Eminem, Public Enemy, Spartacus and Harriot Tubman. Did I leave a favorite of yours out? Leave a comment.

The Rebel Test For Business

Causing trouble in the status quo can have positive implications in business as well as in creativity. Brainstorming sessions with freedom can create something new. Failing is a good part of the process when discovering new ideas and game-changing systems.

These principles can be applied to crafting your business’s story. With every unique employee in an organization, there is an opportunity for discovery. Personal stories personify culture and how they fit into the product ecosystem. Encouraging people to dissect everything from the inside out could develop a better understanding of the customer’s journey and how they fit into the story as the hero.


Kale Sucks Eat Beef. (I actually like kale but these vegans…)

First, take the Rebel Test under the image and see what kind of Rebel you are. Then apply some of these principles to work, life and your creative process. My results determined I was a pirate rebel and seems spot on —


Click Image For Test

Principles of Being A Rebel

In the book, “Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life” by Francesca Gino a blueprint had been outlined to break away from the ordinary and embrace our valuable talents. Here are the 8 principles she has created.


1. Seek Out The New

A Subway sandwich shop is a great representation of how standardization can yield thousands of different combinations.

I’ll take an Italian loaf with bologna, salami, swiss cheese, ketchup, 25 pickles, and tuna fish. Extra burnt bun please.

2. Encourage constructive dissent

Get into a fight and work through the disagreement. Act as a referee and pin opposite opinions against each other until an agreement is designed.

3. Open conversations, don’t close them

Take your attitude and apply it creatively to the opposition’s argument with an open mind. Rework what you think is incorrect and find the solution in collaboration.

4. Reveal yourself — and reflect

Be open about failures so you can rework them into successes and even enjoy sharing your story. The next failure is right around the corner but this is a good thing because it makes for an interesting journey and is authentic.

5. Learn everything — then forget everything (my favorite)

Oh, you have been doing this the same way for 5 years and it needs to change completely. Deal with it, embrace it, and aren’t you bored anyway.

6. Find freedom in constraints

Take a project that would take a long time and make it part of the story. Say you wanted to create a tape of 10 instrumental songs which would normally take you months. Call the project, “10-day tape” and the story behind the music is how you created a song every day even though you had things going on naming the songs about those activities.

7. Lead from the trenches

Be the person who hires a team and takes the role of clean up to allow them to mold your project without distraction. Maybe the best way to inspire the group is to have a clean organized space to collaborate in without worry about the clean up after.

8. Foster happy accidents

Never hide an accident externally or internally. Let the world know you are human and make mistakes but are professional and accept success and failure with a similar light.

Rebels For The Win

Alchemists and troublemakers are usually looked at in a negative way but often the ones creating positive change. Encouraging people to speak up and become a trendsetter can cause confidence. Even if you are wrong! This might trigger a response in someone who never thought about the problem like that. The result could be a new money generating idea that would have never happened had you not responded with passion and explained what you believe in.

When creating content think about your customers and what will make them the hero of the story. How will your brand inspire confidence in them and make them want to share your products or services?

Some rebels go to jail though…

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