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producing content

How to start producing content in 5 steps without feeling overwhelmed?

We all see people on social media and even LinkedIn producing content and it kind of rocks. They are usually big names, CEOs and successful brands with things to say. They have blogs or people working for them producing blogs, pushing out videos and being featured on podcasts. etc…

Producing Content For Normal People

Where are the normal people at? People like you and me (I’m assuming you might be like me because you are reading this and I’m guessing you might be strange in one way or another because your reading a blog from some guy who calls himself Rich Marks the Spot…anyway) who might not be in there dream job and might just be scraping by in a used car that’s falling apart and hopefully has no payments left. Student debt in hysterically large figures paying a monthly payment that may or may not even cover the interest. The task of finding a greater purpose or even better, becoming a key person of influence is daunting. It’s daunting for people who have education in their perspective fields and completely understand their target market and specific niches for whom to cater to.

Basically Giving Up And Getting A Landline

So I’m talking to the people who are smart in the eyes of their mom or dad but have no real direction or professional accolades (maybe you have a couple). Driven but with no real mentor to set you up in the right direction to owning a successful business. Educated but in debt from it and constantly wondering if the best idea is to wait out that 20 year period when student loan debt might be forgiven. Creative but searching for an industry or even platform to express and share your narrative. Loving your job but realizing that if your pay doesn’t drastically increase you will be eating ramen noodles and using credit cards to buy your cat that good organic grain free food she needs to not vomit all over your already stained carpets.

More Blabbing Below Before Producing Content

Swimming around desperately trying to find a use of these tools that you have acquired over a lifetime. Trying to find a career that pays the bills and more all the while keeping satisfied and in a perfect whole. Don’t think of this conversation as being negative because I am happy to get up every Monday and attempt to crush the week. Are you relating to this? I don’t have any answers, unfortunately. I do have a couple of ideas about using social media as an outlet and even performance increasing tool.

Why do I feel like millennials get this stigma of ugly people that steal? The older generations seemed to get by fine and still attend the casino occasionally to get those free drinks, pull on some slot machines and inhale their last few cigarettes. Ahhh America. The new younger generation seems 5 steps ahead of everyone being like 8 years old and confident enough to have a podcast with a clear path of who and what they want to sell or be. And these hipster millennials like myself that has to google an abbreviation from a text to understand the context. Pretty normal in social situations but get awkward if they go Facebook live and all of a sudden act weird and shy. Producing content before made me SMH (smack my head) but after the mountain of value exercise, I feel motivated and energized. (exercise will be explained later)

YOU CAN CRUSH CONTENT. This will help —

A bit of planning ahead (under 5 minutes), can streamline this process and have you ready to start producing content faster. I think crafting anything always becomes more fun when a bit of standardization is present. Don’t think standardization and creativity go together? Just look at the Subway sandwiches chain with it’s ordered layout and assembly line sandwich making. Look deeper into how many possibilities you have when making your sandwich. The combinations are endless and it’s not chaotic. Standardization for the ultimate creativity.

Do you lay out those Ikea parts in an organized fashion or do you mix them up and get frustrated putting together a wobbly coffee table upside down?

producing content

Producing Content. Not like Ikea assembly. Promise.

If you hate putting together Ikea furniture, don’t worry the steps involved here are easy. I suggest starting this adventure on a desktop for easy file management but using a mobile phone is just as easy. You will figure it out, you are smart and probably already have multiple social media accounts.


a.) Create a folder on your desktop labeled social media.

b.) Find or take a picture of your face. Other options are to find a royalty free photo using — Unsplash, Pixabay, or Gratisography. Save that one picture in your social media folder.

c.) Resizing your photo is easy so don’t think too much into it. Go to www.BeFunky.com and at the top center click open. Find your social media folder and click your photo. Hit the crop button and from the aspect ratio drop down menu and click, “Square 1x 1”. Now center your face or image to your liking and in the center top click save.

producing content

Resizing a picture is fast and easy!

This is not necessary but if you wish to get more technical and know the exact dimensions for each social media platform here is an easy visual resizing guide. Social Media Image Sizes Guide. Don’t waste your time with this, your ideas are awesome and producing content is more important. The world needs to know about your story.

d.) Write a short Bio in a word processor and save the file in your social media folder. This can be your title, a personality trait or a sentence or two about yourself. It will be easy later when setting up or updating your accounts to copy and paste this at free random.

producing content

Use a couple of words or…

producing content

Use a sentence.

Producing lots of content in 5 steps without feeling overwhelmed

DON’T FEEL OVERWHELMED. This will help —

Now that you have the preplanning out of the way you can start your content journey and have some fun reposting interesting things and crafting original posts.

FYI: I’m leaving out tons of social networks on purpose. Have as many or as little of them as you want. Just have fun and stay organized. If you not into producing lots of content just do what feels right and keep going Facebook live every time your cat eats dust or attacks you.
  1. Choose the Networks —The first networks you should be on or update is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Pick one or pick all three. For professional networking use LinkedIn (you can go into greater detail about your professional life here). Other networks like Soundcloud, Medium, Vimeo, Snapchat, Twitch, and Youtube are more niche specific for blogging, music, gaming and video.
  2. Create or Update your profiles with a new profile picture and bio. Make a bookmark in your web browser of every new account you create if you want. This will make it fast and easy to publish an idea in one click without having to sign in again and again.
  3. Mountain of Value Exercise (Listed Below)— This is helpful in finding ideas on what to post about and can create a lifetime of content. Don’t over think this exercise.
  4. Outline a blog post (It doesn’t need to be published by why not just put it out there) with WordPress, LinkedIn or Medium ($50 a year) — Tell your story and talk about the themes. Your story is authentic, real and is your biggest asset. Organizing your themes will help you start producing content ideas that are unique and interesting.
  5.  Now Post— Think about some posts as mini stories and others as updates. Follow people whose content you enjoy and emulate that using your own personal touch and themes. I think the value of writing your personal story is to help start posting content that bleeds authenticity.

Your followers should be able to say that you created a post without even seeing your picture or bio. It’s like a digital soul that people can feel, sense and love.

Mountain of Value Example:

As a kid, I was Always In Trouble and can tell funny stories about situations and punishments but this made me who I am today. Now I can embrace my Rebel Talents reposting about similar successful people and even discuss my own beliefs about how rebels are important to a business’s culture.

This example is just one theme I discovered and I know you will discover multiple. This exercise is from the book, “Key Person of Influence” by Daniel Priestley. The Book is FREE here — KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE

producing content

Random Note:

Lots of social media leaders bring up the point about being prolific over perfect when producing content.

I think that has really impacted me to just how important it is to put content out I’ve created or am thinking about. What we don’t know is how this content will be looked at in the future. Image how many views a video of Jeff Bezos would have now of him working in his office, building the first click to buy link of Amazon or even a caption about this vision. I’m not saying to be the next Jeff Bezos but if you have a vision make sure to document. It could be of ultra value in the future.

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