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Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo Can Be Life Changing

I’m currently getting up early to play Nintendo and this article is about how I discovered value in this activity.

The year was 1988 and my older brother had received a brand new Nintendo. I still have that Nintendo and guess what…It still works beautifully after cleaning up the 30-year-old contacts a bit.

At the time I was 2 years old so I was most likely playing with the controller not plugged in. I can assume this because often I did this with my younger sisters who eventually caught on.

Being a self-proclaimed creativity scientist who is always in trouble I need to add Nintendo to my mountain of value story. I’ll explain but first a fast sidenote.

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Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

I’m adding Nintendo and getting up early to my story because it has impacted my creativity and even a bit of standardization in my professional life. Only a couple of days ago at 6 am my alarm started buzzing and at that moment I realized the value in playing Nintendo for 15 minutes before starting my day had.

The True Story (part1) — the discovery

This whole blast from the past adventure happened when I pulled the Nintendo out of storage and plugged that sucker in to see if it even still worked. I did the typical blow into the game and smacked the system until the game screen became unblurred.

Awesome — I was playing Mike Tysons, “Punch Out” but it would just restart mid-game, take an eon to work again and most games would not even play…

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

Punch-Out for Nintendo

Awww disappointment. And the graphics looked like shit because original Nintendo doesn’t work very well on HDTVs.

Just the fact that I could get a game to work once and a while sparked my interest enough to sit there on the floor reaching up to the Nintendo pressing reset a thousand times in hope’s I could play until my demise by Mr. Tyson. Still can’t beat that fucker. And yeah I watch people on Youtube say just get out of the way when he twitches and you can beat him. Not as simple as that.

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

No Matter How Early I’m Up I Still Can’t Beat Him

The True Story (part2) — the research

After a week of stupidly wasting my time trying to get games to work, I got curious and started to google some of these issues. Heyyy! Saved by the internet once again. It turns out that stuff over 30 years old can get rather dirty if not properly maintained. And even better than cleaning all 72-pin connectors carefully you can order a brand new one from China for $9.99.

Over dinner that night I told my girlfriend how I ordered the 72-pin connector and she was very unimpressed. I’m sure you the reader is very impressed that I even have a girlfriend.

Clean the games by taking apart the cartridges, either 3 or 5 screws. You will need a special tool in most cases, sometimes you just need a small screwdriver. Order that from China or check at your nearest gaming store. Then get some high quality rubbing alcohol, soft cloth, and an eraser. Make sure you clean the games before using them with the new connector because the dirt will ruin it.

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

Clean Games Work Dirty Games Won’t

  • I’ve included a couple links below about these topics to fulfill your inner nerd

If you’re committed to restoring the Nintendo you might as well get a couple games you miss playing. I was going to do that but most titles I wanted came with a hefty price tag. I don’t love these games that much and now you can get 150 games in one cartridge.

Just get that one — It looks like this and works awesome!

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

Rockman Instead Of Megaman But Same Game Play

The True Story (part3) — the resurgence

Installing the new 72 pin connector was not hard thanks to a Youtube video. Cleaning the games isn’t hard but it can be time-consuming. After I cleaned all my favorites I realized the effort and time wasn’t worth cleaning the other games. I would never play them anyways, plus I was waiting on a 150 all in one cartridge from eBay. Aw, sweet success and dirty looks from my girlfriend as she watches on.

I can’t express the joy of putting that first game in and watching it turn on the first try. I played Mario 3 for an hour straight holding back from using any of the warps just wanting to play every level without worrying about the game shutting off. My 150 in one game arrived and I now had access to the best games ever released. These games really are not that special but for some reason, I’m currently hooked, especially on side shooters like Life Force.

The True Story (part4) — the realization

Getting up early to play Nintendo on an HDTV is like switching to decaf coffee when you aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s all blurry and leaves you thinking why did I just waste my time getting this thing in perfect working order.

The options to improve quality were mostly expensive with a couple cheap converters that would create a clean HDMI connection from the yellow video and white audio outputs. In retrospective, this could have been the easiest way to get a clean picture and would have only taken a quick trip to Wal-mart or Best Buy.

I went down a different path as I often do. Playing on this giant tv I had lost something in translation to the way of old. Now my vision was to have Nintendo set up in my home office available to play anytime. Remembering my dad had this old 20inch tv in his spare room I gave him a ring and within the hour was lugging a heavy ass tv up to the third floor.

Getting Up Early To Play Nintendo

The Actual Setup. What A Manly Doily

A neighbor saw this struggle and helped with the door and I couldn’t help but feel a bit weird like they were judging me like a hoarder. “Just transferring some old VHS I proclaimed” secretly planning my ultimate office space.

The True Story (part5) —the inspiration

This is not the first time in my life I woke up early to do something before starting my professional day. I actually do it all the time. Only this time I had to laugh a bit at myself because I am 32 years old and was going through all this trouble to play some video games that are either so hard it’s frustrating or get old so quick it’s no longer fun.

It was that 15 or so minutes of doing something I enjoyed first thing in the morning that made getting up early easier. I thought if it improved my spirit it might be worth mentioning to others and maybe help them get some morning inspiration. It was not playing Nintendo specifically that made getting up easier but having a plan in place for my morning routine designed around me.

Just like creating a journal entry at the end of a workday making time for a personal hobby can be fulfilling and make us more self-aware.

I conclude my discovery below:

Getting Up Early Is Easier With A Hobby

But why was getting up early to play Nintendo so easy this week versus the last? I can recall times in my year that I’ve loved getting up early and then others not so much.

Digging deeper into why this was working for me I realized it wasn’t just Nintendo that fired me up for the day. It was planning to partake in a hobby first thing in the morning. A mini goal for myself and no one else. The goal had no real physical reward like getting a bunch of emails finished before work so you could take a long lunch but more just a happiness reward.

Putting aside the first 15–30 minutes in the morning for just yourself and a cup of coffee or tea can bring joy to that routine. What’s your getting up early to play Nintendo? It might make it easier to fall asleep at night and not dread the alarm going off, so give it a try. Mornings get such a bad reputation. What’s worse than 6 am — 2:30 pm — like get me another coffee so I can feel like it’s 6 am again and start my second day over or just get me a couch to binge watch Breaking Bad and fall asleep.

  • Leave A Comment With Something You Like Doing In the Morning And Change The Stigma Behind Mornings

Do You Remember Any Of These Games?

These are some of my favorites. All hail Nintendo nerds everywhere and getting up early!

Life Force —

Summer Carnival ’92 — Recca —

Dragon Fighter —

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project —

Obvious Best Games — Contra, Super Contra, The Legend of Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game, Gradius, Little Samson, Mega Man’s

More Obvious Best Games — Super Mario Bros. 1.2.3, Mike Tysons Punch Out, Commando, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Sword Master, Tiny Toon Adventures, 1943, Blades of Steel, and Tetris.

  • I’m surely missing a ton so please comment and I can try out some new titles.
  • Or comment what you’re getting up early to play Nintendo activity.

Helpful Tutorials

How to repair and clean Nintendo games —

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