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The 10 worst best songs are about those moments when a song is so bad it’s good. Because why not highlight these songs we play a couple times a year to entertain or annoy friends and co-workers. This might best be catered to the 80’s and 90’s babies more so than millennials and whatever else is after that

For the love of creativity, blogging is pretty fun. Or is it? Always in the pursuit of better standardization to creativity, I have discovered that my writing voice was a bit off-brand to my normally dry and somewhat sarcastic and day to day. Having this new hobby worked into my routine has not come easy so it was

The CEO’s Blueprint for autopilot capstone content Perspective Introduction Scenario — You just bought a new car and have spilled coffee two days in a row. Congratulations! Now picture yourself browsing around and all of a sudden a coffee mug catches your eye. Out of curiosity and a burnt lap, you click through to a short video. It’s amazing, beautiful and