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Bipeds, Balance, Creativity and The Beatles

What do these 4 words have in common? 

I know my articles are going to get weirder than this as I get more comfortable writing so I hope it’s entertaining. This is my mash up of these four words all rolled up into one joint of creative flow vape juice.

Don’t vape, just don’t. You can smoke all the weed and cigarettes you want. Just please don’t vape. 

Really don’t care that people smoke. Puff Puff Pass (away from me) But vaping makes me feel like you are some type of half human half robot with electronic insides processing my brain activity with your super commuting processors. 

Real Life Inspiration 

Recently I produced and directed a film for a professor in Amherst, Massachusetts that involved the word bipedalism. She explained in detail that we are upright and need balance to be in proper health. 

I really related to this methodology and it made sense that walking, sitting and lifting properly is a key element to human health. Some of her clients are recovering from surgery or dealing with daunting pain and these understandings really help with the healing journey. Its not like your typical physical therapies. An understanding of all the bodies balance functions training the brain to recognize these correct postures, balance and mechanisms are important to the theorpy. 

The Alexander Technique

It’s a modern take on the Alexander technique. Check out her Facebook page — Missy Vineyard — Side-note — My understanding and descriptions of this amazing work is very amateur but I do my best so read her book to dive deeper.

Missy’s Book — How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live. 

We are still editing the film which is an introduction piece to her next project called, “The Up System”. 


A rather quick and mostly improvisational history of human bipedalism in getting to my point about standardization, creativity and The Beatles. I assure you no mind altering substances have been consumed by me in many many years and even saying that is like claiming I was once highly into illegal drugs which is not the case. 

I get high, really high, off of creation, performance and expression. You should try it sometime. 

 — A simple hobby can have similar effects on mood and enjoyment without all the depression, health issues and death associated with heavy drug use. You will get addicted but to the love of creating.

Why did humans start walking upright? All bipedalism hypotheses are just that and really hard to test. When someone finds really old bones they can use science to discover a whole list of truths and a whole list of conditional observations. This Smithsonian article, “Becoming Human: The Evolution of Walking Upright” was a fun read if you like science.  

Charles Darwin 

“In The Decent of Man” by Charles Darwin he hypothesizes that we needed to hurl stones, build weapons and have better aim using them and thats why we evolved to walk upright. But this was disproven because we started walking upright 4.5 million years before the first discovered tools and weapons had been found. Maybe it was just the fact that climate change created more grassland between forests and to be more efficient crossing these plains we developed longer legs to conserve energy.


A better idea was tying monogamy to bipedalism. As the environment changed and became more seasonal it became harder to obtain food. A simple task became more complicated and time consuming. This sprung a mutually beneficial relationship for males and females. Females had to stay and care for offspring while males had to have their arms and hands free to carry food.

Whatever the reason it’s pretty amazing that we have freedom to use our bodies and hands the way we do. 

Creative Bipedalism and Balance

The universe is telling us to have balance in life, free time, work and creativity. Innovation, standardization of movement and thoughts are best used together.

Unite all the hippie powers and energy of Woodstock. Don’t be destroyed by Hippie Powers.

  • Car Seat Headrest performing “Destroyed By Hippie Powers” live in the KEXP studio. Recorded January 10, 2017

Spinning The Beatles On Vinyl

 At this time I was listen to the 50th anniversary pressing of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Similarly this had me thinking about balance, 4 track recordings and how bare bones creativity can create impressive results. 

  • Read about Occam’s Razor in a quick series post I wrote after I started writing this post. It relates nicely finding the simplest solution is usually the best solution. 

Random Thought — A gnarly vision I have is to travel back in time and influence the Beatles with my creativity before they made Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band so they would include me on the Album cover. But then travel back to current days and make a Instagram video zooming in on me in the original record pressing cover art claiming I am in fact a time traveller and OG influencer. 

Can You Find A Rich Marks the Spot?

Storytelling & Creativity 

For instance listening to the Beatles I think they had an understanding of this balance. Storytelling though music became a life movement and this is obvious in the change of style thought-out the decades. In addition using the power of their story they were able to stay backstage of mainstream culture and become culture. If opinion of your creativity is taken too seriously it’s easy to get blinded by the light — Blue Oyster Cult. Scratch that. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, glad I googled that. 

They had a great understanding of standardization and format. Taking the simple 4 track recorder and using it to its maximum potential is a balance of simplicity and creativity.

Balance Beats Perfect

We all want to be perfect and create masterpieces but I believe the value is in the journey. Failure is a healthy part of life therefore It’s this balance that makes the journey so enjoyable. When things come easy, at least in my own head, I don’t appreciate it as much. The struggle to have no boundaries and create without fear of judgement is what the whole Creativity Scientist movement is starting to be about. I think above all value will show up in documenting everything and presenting this as content. It’s free market research to listen to the opinions of your customers and try correcting any discrepancy’s that might arise. 

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