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3 Essential Marketing Films

3 Essential Marketing Films That Create Wealth

The CEO’s Blueprint for autopilot capstone content

Perspective Introduction

Scenario — You just bought a new car and have spilled coffee two days in a row. Congratulations! Now picture yourself browsing around and all of a sudden a coffee mug catches your eye. Out of curiosity and a burnt lap, you click through to a short video. It’s amazing, beautiful and inspires you to picture a life without spilled coffee and broken dreams.

After a bit of research, you discovered this coffee mug is compatible with the new vehicle you click to buy. It turns out this companies mission is not to sell coffee mugs but offer solutions to busy commuters and business professionals. The core product is a voice-activated application that gets installed to your mobile device, car, and desktop and allows you to safely record and file ideas hands-free while driving.

End Result — The mug is just a product in an ecosystem of products to capture prospects. These films won’t describe a single service or product. It needs to visualize your value to stimulate neurons in the brain. This is achieved by exploring the underlying meaning of your brands intent. I look at these 3 essential marketing films as data in the cloud. All of your brands messaging, themes, intent, and philosophies will be stored in these films available and accessible always.

“Value is no longer merely a target for extraction, but an asset for connection. You need to be seen to be adding value to the ecosystem in order to get value out.” Today, You Need More Than A Market Strategy, You Need An Ecosystem Strategy – Greg Satell


The goal of this article is to bring relief to business owners explaining how to quickly and effectively create value using the 3 essential marketing films. Explaining the why a brand functions will push your product ecosystem forward quickly. Download a copy of the marketing film blueprint checklist below.

3 essential marketing films

Download a free copy — 3 Essential Marketing Films That Create Wealth

People Like Your Story

Nobody needs to explain to a company that customers like video and social media. Time would be better spent learning how to film and edit than to convince them it’s not worth their marketing dollars. For the many people who have tried to save money by learning these skills, they know it’s no easy task. For most cinematographers and filmmakers it has been a lifetime of studying story, technique and acquiring the expensive gear that it takes to pull off a high-end video.

A story will sell your services and products by building trust. It’s a very powerful entity and uniquely only yours. In Paul J. Zak’s article, “Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling” he breaks down the neurobiology of storytelling proving humanizing stories are effective.

“An effective way to communicate transcendent purpose is by sharing that tale. What passion led the founder(s) to risk health and wealth to start the enterprise? Why was it so important, and what barriers had to be overcome? These are the stories that, repeated over and over, stay core to the organization’s DNA.” – Paul J. Zak

Internal and External Value

A well-done series of capstone marketing films is beneficial both internally as well as externally.

Internal — Having everyone on board with the same vision, messaging and branding can never be ignored. This is a time to clarify the heck out of how you want to be portrayed. By using key phrasing and tone employees can reference these films in conversations, meetings, sales presentations, and live talks. Departments that have never met can get on the same page quickly and be inspired that they are part of something important.

External — These films are the best representation of your company running all day and night. It highlights the best of management, employees, and customers. Picture having the ability to bring a whole company and it’s best brand ambassadors into someone’s living room anywhere in the world as many times as needed. Basically, your brand becomes Santa for that person and your gift is filling a direct need.

3 Essential Marketing Films

The Brand Story (About Us), Testimonial Driven Story and CEO (Key Person of Influence) Story are the 3 essential marketing films that drive wealth.

  1. Brand Story (About Us) — Who a company is and what drives you to get out of bed in the morning. This is not the typical promotional video that focuses on what a company does but a documentary communicative approach to the underlying meaning of why.
  2. Testimonial Drive Brand Story — Showcase the real emotions of your favorite fans. Tell the full story of the company or specific people and everything will tie together organically. The viewer will see the value and picture themselves benefiting as a result of building a relationship.
  3. CEO or (Key Person of Influence) Story — Focused on a specific person or team this film can inspire internally as well as externally. A journey is visualized. It could be highlighting humanitarian efforts, community projects or amazing advances in the industry. Many times the story defines the brand and humanizes it.

Story Analysis To Define Intention

Defining your mission clearly along with your overall business strategy is a shared asset. If they are working together it can be powerful. The filmmakers can help choose the right stories to feature that align with your strategy. Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad of the Harvard Business review touch on the subject of strategic intent in moving towards global business. They explain creativity as an important element to inspire employees amongst the organization. “Creativity is unbridled but not uncorralled because top management establishes the criterion against which employees can pretest the logic of their initiatives.” For your business, this means finding a way to explain your future vision. It might be featured in the CEO story bringing value internally to drive employees to work toward new skills and externally to explain where you are going and why you exist.

Picking the right phrases can amplify the target audience because of its triggering emotion. In the analysis, you should figure out how your story will serve the audience. Find parts that will stand out and key highlights to visually define intention.

Who will create these films?

In-House — The trend towards having an in-house videographer is growing because of the huge value this brings. This is a talented individual always available to record moments, craft story, film and edit a finalized piece.

Freelance — The right freelancer can offer high-value services at a cheaper cost or not. It might be they have all the skills and equipment to create your film but need more clients to invest and trust in them to gain traction. Time can be the enemy here because it’s usually a one-person show.

Production Company — Professional, consistent and experts at what they do. A dedicated team of professionals all with different styles working together to bring you the greatest possible film. The total package as far as creation goes and the ability to deliver on a timeline.

Choosing to create these films in-house, hiring a freelancer or using a professional production company is the choice you need to make. I think it all comes down to what you need and the specific timeline you wish to accomplish goals. A team of filmmakers can distribute roles and move the process along quickly while a freelancer can lessen costs. These options both have pros and cons, Amanda Dodge outlines the advantages of professional verse freelancer in her post, Outsourcing Your Content Production vs Freelancers. For the 3 essential marketing films described in this article, I have to lead toward outsourcing for quality and time management but freelancers have a place to be of huge value also.

Unscripted Narrative Filmmaking Wins

The unscripted narrative film is a documentary often called Docu-Style popularized by the many Netflix and Amazon series. This style is what I am referencing as the 3 essential marketing films. Don’t hire actors or actresses and don’t write a script. Let the producer and director guide your key people and customers to organically tell your story. The interviews will be authentic and you might even come across a different way of thinking about messaging. Authentic connections will be made with the audience easily. There are a time, place and budget for creating a scripted video but for the purpose of highlighting your brand’s value and intent, this is the best. Dig deeper into this style and check out Tony Levelle’s story about his first documentary in film school and his outline.

Autopilot Content Generating Wealth

With a solid business strategy visualized in these 3 films, you will create a well-informed prospect from every view. One flows into the other and they can live on their own. It’s a special invitation to enter in your world and display the best you have to offer from many perspectives. The power of story is harnessed 24 hours a day and the perfect representation next to having the whole company meet one on one with every client.

This is the type of automation your assets can hug for support. It’s not a one-stop shop for generating wealth but can assist the journey to purchase. People need to see or interact with your brand 11 times, spend 7 hours and view at 4 different locations to even consider you trustworthy. I’m referencing Googles Zero moment of truth internet studies. Around these touch points the brain flags you as reputable. It’s science.

The CEO Blueprint

The purpose of this article is to take away the stresses of creating these 3 essential marketing films. You are much to busy as a leader and time is better spent elsewhere. Hire the right person or team who will take the lead in finding your story and only need quick small approvals from time to time. Any person or team can use this blueprint to help speed line the process and stay organized. Approach in-house marketing, a freelancer or production team with this sheet and ask them to explain there process and pricing.

How We Buy

Picture yourself researching new clients or looking up other businesses that want to sell you on a service or product. The first look is at the website mixed with all the content they have for you to consume. Now picture yourself looking into your brand and company. Does your value shine through as easily as a brand you look up to? Are their things you wish you could say to every person interested in your brand? The modern business uses technology as an asset from small mom and pop shops to large corporations. A future without these assets could leave customers confused and wondering about the benefits involved with your brand. The worst possible scenario is they will lack excitement and not share it with others.

3 essential marketing films

Download a free copy — 3 Essential Marketing Films That Create Wealth

Final Thoughts

Most companies are using video as a marketing tool and I’m suggesting these 3 essential marketing films need to be of your highest quality. As your capstone content, people will see these films as representative of your brand. Having a high standard established you can play around with lower quality video on social media without penalty. Have fun and record a quick cell phone testimonial if you have no access to a videographer or go Facebook Live at events to keep fans in the loop.

Please share this post with anyone looking to improve culture, product ecosystems and their brands future with a film. 

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