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10 worst best songs

10 Worst Best Songs

The 10 worst best songs are about those moments when a song is so bad it’s good. Because why not highlight these songs we play a couple times a year to entertain or annoy friends and co-workers. This might best be catered to the 80’s and 90’s babies more so than millennials and whatever else is after that so explore some badly good music if that’s not you.

  1. ) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 — Ninja Rap — Vanilla Ice — Super Shredder.

Did you have this cassette? 


2.) It’s Just A drunk text, Paris Hilton — Apparently Youtube removed this but someone in Poland still had it up.

Do you remember listening to this album?

3.) Corey Feldman & the Angels — Go For it — I don’t watch the Today Show much these days or ever but when I do it’s to watch Corey Feldman perform.

Are you a bit creeped out by this or inspired to let loose and perform your heart out?

4.) The Presidents of the United States — Peaches

Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat a lot of …….
Movin’ to the country,
Gonna eat me a lot of ……..

Can you fill in the blanks before playing the video?

5.) Rockula — Rapula — You know it’s bad when you just want Vanilla Ice to be rapping instead of Dean Cameron.

Have you ever been drunk enough to try this at a karaoke bar?

Halfway Point.

Do you agree with the 10 worst best songs so far?

6.) Kevin Federline — Playing With Fire — He sure was…Now everyone knows what he should have kept between close friends.

7.) New Kids On The Block — Hangin Tough — Do the new kids dance said everybody and then crickets. Nobody…

Are you one of those NKOTB obsessed people?

8.) Revolting Cocks — Me So Horny — This is actually unlistenable. It’s on my list here but I recommend not even wasting your time exploring this trash. You might want to put some headphones on and not embarrass yourself.

  • someone in the Youtube comments said they request this at a wedding and it was funny to see kids dancing to it. Like WTF.

Don’t be that person!

9.) Eiffel 65 — I’m blue — Listen up here is a story.

Did you think this video was the ultimate level in processed graphics and that we would never achieve anything greater than this?

10.) David Lynch — Crazy Clown Time — This video is actually pretty wild. I like it. The style of this song and the screaming is why I think it belongs on this list. Very unique and very David Lynch.

Have you seen any David Lynch films? Perfect for Halloween.

I’m sure there are some gems I’m leaving out so comment and I will do a part two if they are worthy.

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